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Along the south coast of the beautiful Lombok island lies a long and wide stretch of beautiful white sand beach facing the glistening Indian Ocean. On the background are lush green hills and mesmerizing landscapes. This is Mandalika, once a surfers’ best-kept secret, now it has emerged as the island’s capital of leisure. Mandalika shouts heaven from all of its enchanting corners.

Blessed with beautiful nature and enhanced by the hands of professionals, Mandalika is designed to make your dream vacation a reality.



The Senggigi region is the main tourist destination on the island of Lombok in Indonesia. The main town is Senggigi itself, and the whole area is well known for its beautiful west-facing beaches.  While pockets of development can be found in some areas, long stretches of open undeveloped land lie in between. Nightlife and major restaurants are concentrated in the central township of Senggigi. The first time visitor should be aware of these distinct regional differences. Simply booking a hotel in Senggigi could mean a relatively remote location where the town centre can only be reached by taxi or public transport.

Senggigi have the most stunning sunset beach on the Island


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In most travel itineraries in Lombok, Sekotong is rarely included. It is a district in the southwest of Lombok and it has enormous tourism potential.

In addition to the strips of white sandy beaches in its coastline, Sekotong also has many secret islands that are no less beautiful than other exotic islands on Lombok. But there is even more. Sekotong also has many spots for snorkeling and diving. The first impression when you take the plunge and explore the beauty of the underwater in Sekotong is how natural and preserved coral reefs are in this area..

South Lombok

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The south of the island is not heavily populated and many areas are quite remote and can be quite difficult to get to. The southern areas of Lombok are becoming increasingly popular with international visitors and the surf beaches of the southern coastline are popular with more intrepid international surfers as well as a growing number of local people on Lombok.

Toward the southern coast it is more denuded with some undulating hilly areas of between 100 to 355 meters above sea level.

With panoramic views of the bay, there’s a reason South Lombok will leave you speechless

Gili Islands

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The three Gili islands are known around the world as a little piece of heaven. Situated off the north-west coast of Lombok, these three beautiful islands have become popular with tourists and locals in need of a break from their busy lives. These are the islands of Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. The environment is so rich in nature, that walking around these islands gives you a sense of serenity that is not easily acquired in the modern world. The islands of Gili are home of amazing white sand beaches, transparent waters, very good restaurants....