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Best Lands and properties in Lombok... your home far away from home

        Located just east of Bali, Lombok in many ways lives up to or exceeds the promotional term, "an unspoiled Bali". With beautiful beaches, enchanting waterfalls, the large, looming volcano of Mount Rinjani combined with relatively few tourists, Lombok is indeed the paradisiacal tropical island that many people still mistakenly imagine Bali to be now.

         Calling Lombok paradise does not mean it is all things for all people. With a few exceptions, the natural landscape and the traditional way of life have remained unchanged for hundreds of years. Virtually all small to medium-sized businesses are run by local families.

           Owning Lombok beachfront property can be a lucrative investment in most cases, especially if you’re planning on using it as a vacation rental property. After all, oceanfront property is extremely desirable but the supply is limited.


          Mandalika is a coastal resort area designated as a special economic zone that stretches over 1,035.67 hectares of the southern coast of the island of Lombok.

      Mandalika lies a long and wide stretch of beautiful white sand beach facing the glistening Indian Ocean. On the background are lush green hills and mesmerizing landscapes. This is Mandalika, once a surfers’ best-kept secret, now it has emerged as the island’s capital of leisure. Mandalika shouts heaven from all of its enchanting corners.


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